Sendy's Bio

Spellbound is how audiences frequently find themselves at some point during a Sendy Brown performance.  Sendy doesn’t just sing; she creates.  Carefully remaining true to the lyric, she moves souls with her passionate interpretations.  Sendy is serious about her craft and her debut CD, Secrets of the Soul, showcases her exceptional talent and her commitment to the art.

Secrets of the Soul is a fulfillment long-awaited.  As a child, Sendy’s voice touched the hearts of the congregation at her father’s church in Jersey City, NJ.  At age 11, she was the featured soloist at a standing-room-only church concert.  She continued singing the songs of Mahalia Jackson at area churches until she discovered her first Jazz album – a Billie Holiday recording.  That led her to Howard University’s School of Fine Arts in Washington, DC, where she became a protégé of Grady Tate.  It was at Howard, during a master class, that she impressed the legendary vocalist, Betty Carter.  When her question to Ms. Carter on the creative process spontaneously became a song, the audience exploded in applause.  Ms. Carter answered in song, “You just did it!  You just did it!” and complimented Sendy on her voice.

Upon graduation, she began honing her craft in DC’s local venues, including BET on Jazz Restaurant.  A wife and mother, she ensured that she would remain close to both her family and her music by forming Music for Children, a company that teaches music appreciation, theory, and performance to children and provides music workshops and staff training to educators.  Inspiring youth to understand and embrace music rekindled her desire to complete a creative project.  She found time to develop a concept, assemble her most talented accompanists, and begin recording in the studio.

Secrets of the Soul is the culmination of her work.  It is a strong statement and an exceptional display.  A work of art from beginning to end, it takes the listener on a sonic journey through a range of emotions.  With updated renditions of Jazz classics like ‘Round Midnight, Skylark and When I Fall in Love, this recording will please a range of listeners.  Jazz enthusiasts will love the scope of the CD (featuring ballads, Blues, and swinging, up-tempo tunes) as well as the range of her voice, her distinctive lyrical style, her phrasing, and her respect for the tradition.  Fans of good music will love the refreshing arrangements and unique approaches to these classics.